Gender Mainstreaming Vital To Mission Success: Security Sector Reform Experts

The conclusions of a recent PfP Consortium SSR Workshop held in Geneva point to the necessity of more efficiently including gender into the military curriculum of NATO and Partner countries.

Peter Forster to Head Counter-Terrorism Working Group

The PfPC announced today the appointment of Dr. Peter Forster as co-chair of the PfP Consortium’s Counter-terrorism Working Group (CTWG).

NATO Allies Underscore Defence Education Enhancement Program

The latest NATO Summit Declaration underscored two Partners for Peace Consortium programs in particular: the Defence Education Enhancement Program and the Professional Development Program.

Welcome to The Partnership for Peace Consortium!

The Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes is a voluntary association of institutes of higher learning in defense and security affairs. The PfPC links over 800 defense academies through a network of educators and researchers by sharing best practices and developing concrete solutions to common challenges. Research projects empowered by the Consortium result in policy recommendations relevant to stakeholder and partner-policy makers. The Consortium ultimately fosters regional stability by assisting PfP nations to build strong democratic defense institutions and resolve regional security challenges in a productive and peaceful forum.

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