Selling Your Design Concept

As a digital professional, one of the biggest obstacles you will face is presenting your web designs and convincing the powers to be that it’s the right output. We all have different tastes. We know what we like and more importantly, we know what we don’t like.

Selling design concept

It only takes a small handful of rejections from your boss or clients before you’ll become a little gun shy about showing your work. You might be proud of your web design, but the anxiety of getting others to agree with you could become overwhelming. Good news! There are a few things you can do to make the design presentation process a little easier while also securing the approval you desire. Try these three things:

1. Prep the Client or Boss – Before you head off to start start designing the assigned task, great value can be created by setting expectations. A simple conversation about the concept you have in mind will stave off any surprises and give your client a sense of what to expect. You can also include them in the decision-making process, which will effectively give them a stake in the outcome.

2. Present Your Design in Person – By taking the opportunity to present your product in person, you afford yourself the chance to verbally explain the design decisions you made and how everything on the website functions. It takes the guesswork out of the equation for the client.

3. Control the Feedback You Receive – No matter how many people you introduce to your design, you want to make sure they are talking to you and not about you. Do not discuss feedback in a group setting because there will be too many varied opinions being bantered about. Instead, you should set up one-on-one meetings with key players to get their personal input from their mouth to your ears.